Pirouet Records (PIT 3073)

September 2013






Pirouet Presskit (pdf)



IMAGINARIUM is the debut CD of an unusual trio featuring Berlin harpist Kathrin Pechlof. The album was released in autumn 2013 by the Munich label Pirouet.


Kathrin Pechlof, one of a rare breed of harpists in the German jazz world, plays with the renowned Berlin saxophonist Christian Weidner and double bass player Robert Landfermann from Cologne, winner of the WDR Jazz Prize.


They succeed in making music using remarkably few notes.

IMAGINARIUM offers a wonderful and varied range of images, feelings, and associations. It is a place of insights where wisdom is revealed and new questions are constantly asked.

It is a place of unlimited possibilities, of permanent motion and change – a dreamlike reminder of the very essence of music.


The compositions draw on a broad spectrum of sources. The archaic modes of Gregorian chant evolve into dodecaphony; Messiaen’s symmetrical scales, with all their ambiguity, create floating soundscapes; the harmonies of major/minor tonality contrast markedly with the gestures of contemporary improvisation.


Although indisputably modern, this music is remarkable for its lyrical beauty, narrative depth and wealth of subtle dynamic nuances. Three outstanding instrumentalists come together here to play their very own brand of intriguing and soulful chamber jazz.